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Key questions to ask any AI Content Moderation Partner

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How to choose an AI Moderation Platform for your BPO or Moderation Agency

AI tools are now vital if you want to maximise the efficiency of your moderation operations and compete with the increasing volume of trust and safety businesses in the content and community industries.

In fact, OpenAI are claiming GPT-4 cuts moderation time from months to hours, and with the seemingly endless growth of user generated platforms, content moderation is ever more important with your potential clients demanding the most efficient, accurate and risk-free solutions possible.

The problem is, there are so many solutions to choose from - be they fully automated or with human-in-the-loop, that finding the perfect fit is costly and time consuming.

Our “How to choose an AI Moderation Platform” guide aims to provide some key information to help you choose your perfect AI moderation platform partner. There are many, many more questions you could ask, but we’ve listed the main ones to get you started.

And before we continue - consider the iron triangle - you will often have to prioritise two of these three - value, speed, accuracy. More on that in the guide.