Expert’s Corner with Head of Research Isabelle Augenstein

This month we were very happy to sit down with one of the brains behind Checkstep who is also a recognized talent among European academics. She is the co-head of research at Checkstep and also an associate professor at the University of Copenhagen. She currently holds a prestigious DFF Sapere Aude Research Leader fellowship on ‘Learning to…
5 minutes

Expert’s Corner with Community Building Expert Todd Nilson

Checkstep interviews expert in online community building Todd Nilson leads transformational technology projects for major brands and organizations. He specializes in online communities, digital workplaces, social listening analysis, competitive intelligence, game thinking, employer branding, and virtual collaboration. Todd has managed teams and engagements with national and global consultancy firms specialized in online communities and the…
7 minutes

Expert’s Corner with Checkstep CEO Guillaume Bouchard

This month’s expert is Checkstep’s CEO and Co-Founder Guillaume Bouchard. After exiting his previous company, Bloomsbury AI to Facebook, he’s on a mission to better prepare online platforms against all types of online harm. He has a PhD in applied mathematics and machine learning from INRIA, France. 12 years of scientific research experience at Xerox…
3 minutes

Misinformation Expert’s Corner : Preslav Nakov, AI and Fake News

Preslav Nakov has established himself as one of the leading experts on the use of AI against propaganda and disinformation. He has been very influential in the field of natural language processing and text mining, publishing hundreds of peer reviewed research papers. He spoke to us about his work dealing with the ongoing problem of…
8 minutes

AI Ethics Expert’s Corner : Kyle Dent, Head of AI Ethics

This month we’ve added a new “Expert’s Corner” feature starting with an interview with our own Kyle Dent, who recently joined Checkstep. He answers questions about AI ethics and some of the challenges of content moderation. AI Ethics FAQ with Kyle Dent If you would like to catch up on other thought leadership pieces by…
4 minutes

Expert’s Corner with T&S Expert Manpreet Singh

Our featured expert this month is someone who has been working hard to keep people safe online. Manpreet Singh is a Trust and Safety professional working in London, UK. She has developed her interest in Child Online Safety and Tech Policy through a myriad of experiences, including working as a policy researcher at a leading…
8 minutes

Expert’s Corner with Alexandra Koptyaeva

This month’s expert is Alexandra Koptyaeva. She wears many hats, one of which is the Trust and Safety Lead at Heyday. Alexandra has been working in Trust and Safety for over three and a half years starting in content moderation, investigations, and quality assurance, and later leading a team and managing company processes. Initially, she started…
8 minutes

Expert’s Corner with Zara Ward from Revenge Porn Helpline & Stop NCII

This month we had the pleasure of interviewing Zara Ward, senior practitioner at the Revenge Porn Helpline. What is the Revenue Porn Helpline? The Revenge Porn Helpline (RPH) is a part of the South West Grid for Learning charity and is a practical support service for adult (18+) victims in the UK who have been experiencing intimate image…
23 minutes

Expert’s Corner with Marketplace Risk Founder Jeremy Gottschalk

Jeremy Gottschalk is an expert in risk management and legal strategy for marketplace tech companies. With nearly 20 years of experience as a lawyer, operator and consultant to venture capitalists, founders and operators, he has become an industry-leading voice for legal strategy and risk management. Jeremy founded Marketplace Risk as an industry education, networking and knowledge-sharing platform for…
8 minutes

Expert’s Corner with Lauren Tharp from Tech Coalition

For this month’s Expert’s Corner we had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Tharp from the Tech Coalition. The Tech Coalition is a global alliance of leading technology firms that have come together to combat online sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Because member companies have the same goals and face many of the same challenges,…
7 minutes

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