CSR Statement

We believe the internet should be a safe place – for everyone, everywhere. Checkstep is a global content moderation platform that uses AI to detect and action harmful user generated content online.

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement (CSR)

Checkstep is committed to ensuring that any business undertakings are conducted as ethically as possible complimenting our mission and values.

Checkstep is registered in the UK and operates throughout Europe, North America and Asia. We are a fully remote business.

  1. Our corporate social responsibility statement:
  2. To uphold our value of integrity and ensure we take account of our impact on our employees; customers, partners, our wider community and the overall
  3. To actively promote fact-supported conversation, limiting polarisation by finding common grounds of
  4. To continue evolving our business in such a way to benefit the environment and people around us (including tackling climate change).
  5. To ensure business decisions incorporate our CSR

Since Checkstep began our staff have been home based without the need for travel, something we have continued with as the company has grown over the years. We continually look for innovative ways in order to minimise the impact on the environment and believe in team collaboration to make this work.

Upholding integrity means honesty within the company, trust and teamwork between all staff. Reliability and transparency in all dealings with our customers, their requirements and our relationships with them. We ensure our partners, contractors and anyone we deal with acknowledges our CSR policy and principles and understand our expectations.

Our company is dedicated to protecting human rights. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by all fair labour practices. We’ll ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country.

We will actively invest in R&D. We will be open to suggestions and listen carefully to ideas. Our company will try to continuously improve the way it operates.

We are constantly developing and striving for better, more efficient means of fulfilling our customers’ needs and in doing so, are helping our wider community. We believe this does not always have to involve a commercial gain; so wherever possible we are proud to contribute our expertise, data and services to not for profit and charitable projects without charge. We also actively look for ways in which we can raise awareness for causes, NGOs and charities we are passionate about and share these with our team and wider network.