Facebook DSA Statement of Reasons

Facebook is now having to submit Statements of Reason to the DSA. Have a click around below with our interactive Facebook DSA tranparency report.

16/11 Update: Scope of service?

What is really behind the Facebook scope of service category? as of the 16th November 23, a whopping 66% of all Statements were for this category.

We're intererested to find out what is going on behind this category.
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17/11 Update: What happened on the 14th Nov?

These reports are throwing up more questions than answers. Looks like facebook had an outage of sorts in their T&S team? Maybe they want on holiday, and got back onto it on the 15th?

Does this mean all harmful content made it's way onto thier platform, or potentially just a reporting error. Any ideas? Let us know!
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