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Numbers at a Glance


1 in 3

of female gamers reported harassment on the basis of their gender
of online multiplayer iGamers stopped playing because of abusive behaviour
1 in 1
people playing online have experienced harassment
Of all igaming platforms with customers in the EU face a 6% fine of global revenue for DSA non compliance

The Problem

Harmful behaviours that put all age groups at risk.

While online betting, gambling and live casinos offer exciting entertainment, they also carry inherent risks. These platforms can become breeding grounds for various forms of online harm, including exposure to addictive behaviours, financial vulnerability and potentially toxic interactions.

Balancing the excitement of gambling with ensuring a safe, responsible and compliant environment remains a significant challenge for operators in this space.

Bullying and Harrassment

Detect harassment and abusive content in real time.

Child Safety

Identify online intimidation, threats, or abusive behavior or content in real time.


Use Checkstep’s moderation AI to combat disinformation and misinformation.

Graphic Violence

Identify and remove harmful images that promote violence in a timely manner.

Hate Speech

Address hate speech in over 100 languages, including slang.

Human Exploitation

Track the complex systems that are using your platform to harm vulnerable people.

Illegal Goods

Identify bad actors and harmful content that promotes illegal goods or services.


Detect fraudulent activities to maintain integrity and ensure safety of users.

Nudity & Adult Content

Remove nudity and sexual content that violate your policies.


Identify and filter out profanity in a variety of languages, including slang .

Suicide & Self-Harm

Quickly recognize signs of suicidality and take swift steps to prevent self-harm.

Violent Extremism

Detect and prevent extremist activity before it can lead to violence.

The Solution

Improve the way you moderate content.

Checkstep provides specialised content moderation solutions to improve user experience and security. 

Using advanced AI and ML technologies, Checkstep ensures real-time moderation of user-generated content, maintaining a safe and engaging environment for players. With features such as keyword detection, community reporting and multi-language support, Checkstep aims to establish iGaming platforms as trusted and safe online gaming communities.

In addition, with the implementation of the Digital Services Act, targeted advertising to minors is prohibited. At Checkstep, we have created an integrated solution to ensure full DSA compliance.

What this means

Improve iGaming integrity with AI moderation

We provide modular solutions that fit your business, so you can:

  • Increase sign-ups and reduce customer churn by improving security, reducing spam accounts and improving the user experience.
  • Enhance your brand image by providing a safe and enjoyable social community for your users.
  • Enable operators to integrate with 3rd party software solutions (such as identifiers and spam filters) to improve user experience and security.
  • Save money and time by reducing the burden on your human moderators and in-house technical teams.

Prevent unwanted content from reaching your platform

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