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Numbers at a Glance

of adults reported they had seen graphic images on videos where they were not expecting to see
of adults reported they had seen offensive languages on videos
of adults reported they had seen offensive opinions on videos
of adults reported they had seen illegal content

The Problem

Human moderation that is hard to scale.

Streaming platforms around the world work hard to ensure users can enjoy seamless and clear video and audio content. However, one of the biggest challenges is moderating enormous file sizes in near to real time. 

While community reporting is helpful, it is still not a foolproof solution to the growing issue of harmful content on streaming platforms.

Bullying and Harrassment

Detect harassment and abusive content in real time.

Child Safety

Identify online intimidation, threats, or abusive behavior or content in real time.


Use Checkstep’s moderation AI to combat disinformation and misinformation.

Graphic Violence

Identify and remove harmful images that promote violence in a timely manner.

Hate Speech

Address hate speech in over 100 languages, including slang.

Human Exploitation

Track the complex systems that are using your platform to harm vulnerable people.

Illegal Goods

Identify bad actors and harmful content that promotes illegal goods or services.


Detect fraudulent activities to maintain integrity and ensure safety of users.

Nudity & Adult Content

Remove nudity and sexual content that violate your policies.


Identify and filter out profanity in a variety of languages, including slang .

Suicide & Self-Harm

Quickly recognize signs of suicidality and take swift steps to prevent self-harm.

Violent Extremism

Detect and prevent extremist activity before it can lead to violence.

The Solution

A sustainable way to manage content moderation at scale.

Streaming platforms of all sizes can use Checkstep’s API and human Moderation interface to scan, detect and action inappropriate and harmful visual threats in image, video and streamed media, and also sounds within audio and video streams.

Using AI or a mix of AI and human in the loop moderation, streaming platforms can ensure they keep their users safe, whilst remaining legally compliant.

What this means

Peace of mind with an all in one solution.


We provide modulised solutions to suit your business, so you can;

  • Keep users safe and happy by adopting a safety first approach, through combined automated AI and human moderation. 
  • Improve operational efficiency by streamlining T&S operations.
  • Save money and free up time by reducing your reliance on human moderation and in-house tech teams.
  • Increase sign ups and reduce user attrition rates by improving safety, removing toxic and reoffending accounts and enhancing user experience. 
  • Ensure you are compliant and avoid a reputational crisis. 
  • Strengthen your brand image by providing a safe, fast and enjoyable platform for your users.

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