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Digital Services Act Deep Dive: Policies & Transparency Reports


Overview of Digital Services Act

DSA requires platforms to implement measures to detect and remove illegal content such as hate speech, terrorist propaganda, and counterfeit products.

What should be in policies

The policy should cover procedures, measures, tools used for content moderation, and a procedure for any internal complaint-handling systems.

Who is responsible for transparency reports?

All organisations subject to the DSA and who conduct content moderation need to publicise an annual transparency report on their content moderation activities.

What transparency reports mean in action

Online platforms need to report several details such as types and number of illegal content removed and number of out-of-court dispute settlements.

What is discussed in the webinar?

The webinar covered various aspects related to the DSA including its background and scope, and what the DSA says about policies and transparency reports. The discussion provides insights into these obligations and the preparations online platforms can make.

Transparency Reporting - Intermediary & Hosting

All organisations subject to the DSA and who conduct content moderation need to publicise an annual transparency report on their content moderation activities.

Transparency reporting should include:

  • Number of orders received (to act on illegal content or provide information) – plus information including average time to take action
  • Number of Notice & Actions received to remove illegal content – broken down in categories of illegal content, whether action was based on T&Cs or illegality, whether automated means was used to make the decision, and the average time taken
  • Information about any own-initiative content moderation, including use of automated tools (+ their accuracy/any safeguards), and training & assistance provided to employees
  • Number and type of measures that affect the availability of information provided by recipients
  • Internal complaints: the number of complaints submitted, why they were submitted, average time to handle complaints and the number of times complaints were overturned

Reports will also be transmitted to a public database (TBC – managed by the EU Commission).

Transparency Reporting - Platforms

Online platforms’ transparency reports will need to include everything in Intermediaries & Hosting, plus…

  • Types and number of illegal content removed (CSAM, Terrorist, etc.)
  • Types and number of content removed from terms and conditions breaches
  • Number of out-of-court dispute settlements (submitted, upheld, overturned, abandoned/completed), average time to complete, and whether outcome was implemented
  • Data must be anonymous
  • AI accuracy metrics & safeguards
  • The number of suspensions applied to those who post illegal content, or who persistently send manifestly unfounded notices

All online platforms also need to publish their “monthly active recipients” at least once every six months (first publication was on 17 February 2023).

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