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Our mission

AI for an inclusive internet

We research and build artificially intelligent systems to meet the challenges of moderating user generated content and raise awareness of its influence on society.


Effective content management

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User Generated Content problems

User Generated Content is the most valuable resource of the internet, but it suffers from many inefficiencies.

  • fraud
  • bullying
  • low-quality
  • spam
  • hate speech
  • propaganda
  • misleading viral claims


Accurate content moderation system

We provide a unique solution to these problems by understanding the origin, the impact and the beneficiaries of every piece of information that is produced on the internet.


Deep learning models

We developed deep learning models, which are trained on billions of data points crowdsourced through hundreds of social media users reading and commenting on the news in real time.

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Better content quality

Our accurate content moderation system optimises customer metrics.

  • increases SEO ranking
  • reduces churn
  • increases customer retention
  • increases time on page
  • minimises regulatory and PR risks


Our solution is general purpose

It serves organisations from multiple industries publishing a large amount of content.

Legal ComplianceAdvertisementTourism
Online ForumsCreativity and ArtGaming
Customer ServicesOnline DatingPlatforms for Children

Why CheckStep

Leading Content Understanding Solutions

Challenging the State-of-the-Art in AI

CheckStep’s machine learning system is trained on million of examples by unifying hundreds of datasets.

Changing Management and Customisation

When the content policy changes, the AI filters are immediately updated. Human moderators can thus focus on ambiguous cases.

Explainable AI

The AI gives a human-readable explanation associated with each decision.


Our team has published 300 peer-reviewed publications in AI

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