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Remove harmful content in less than a second with our moderation platform.
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Moderate your Content from one place


 Scan images, video, audio, text, GIFs, audio and live streams. Detect all standard abuse types and generative media, such as deep fakes. Our AI works in +100 languages


With our Moderation Platform you can immediately remove content, send it for human moderation, or approve it. You also get access to key insights into your moderation decisions. 


Easily automate your reporting. We have a complete solution for DSA Compliance including automated Statements of Reasons,  Transparency Reports, and more, all built in.

Integrate our API within a day. No coding required

Easily Build and Manage Policies

Manage your Policies from one place. Configure what is allowed on your platform. Any obviously violating content will be automatically and instantly removed. We make it easy to block, report, suspend or remove content or users.

AI APIs Moderation

Use the power of AI to scan Content

We’ll select the AI scanning tools to give you the ultimate blend of price, accuracy and latency. Our partners will scan for all standard abuse types, as well as AI generative media such as deep fakes.

Only moderate what matters

Humans are still needed, but you only want them to moderate what matters. Any edge cases where AI is uncertain are sent through to moderation queues. As we also obsess about minimum average handle time, we can reduce human moderation costs by up to 90%.

Policy Checkstep

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Get full insight into your platform

Measure and monitor KPIs from your Dashboard. Get insights into trends for policy violations, moderators performance and community flagging all in one dashboard.

Dashboard Checkstep
Transparency Report DSA

Automate your compliance reporting

We ensure your compliance with worldwide regulations. Our compliance tool, the DSA plugin that automates your Transparency Reports, generates Statements of Reasons and handles Notices and Appeals.

Protect moderators as well as you protect your users

Your moderators don't have to see the full picture to understand if the content is violating. Automatic blurring and greyscale of content protects moderators mental health.

Policy Checkstep

"Checkstep's expertise in Trust and Safety is second to none.
Their understanding of our needs for day 1 has helped us streamline our operational efficiency." 

Phillipe Pisani, CEO, 123 Multimedia

Easily scale your image, text, audio and video moderation in seconds

Use AI to improve accuracy & scale your image moderation

Accurately moderate images in real time. Automatically detect and remove unwanted content using standard and bespoke abuse types.

Discover Image Moderation
Image Moderation

Moderate all of your text quickly & accurately

Precise detection of Bullying, hate speech, CSAM, misinformation, and other more subtle types of unsafe and toxic content.

Discover Text Moderation

Instantly remove unwanted video from your platform

Create automated, near real-time video content detection to keep your platform safe.

Discover Video Moderation
AI video moderation
Audio moderation

Transcribe and moderate audio in real time

Easy to integrate into any User Generated audio: Podcasts, Interviews, Radio shows, Conversations, Broadcasts.

Discover Audio Moderation

See how Automated Content Moderation works

When you upload your content, our AI will determine in a matter of seconds the harm category it belongs to and the accuracy percentage of that classification. Depending on your policies and what you want to see on your platform, you can choose to have the AI automatically delete it, allow it or leave it for content moderators to review. 
Revealing Clothes
Female swimwear or underwear
Partial Nudity
Physical Violence content moderation
Physical violence
Bullying content moderation
Identity attack
Drug Products
Drug Use
Drug Paraphernalia
Tobacco Products
Asymmetrical face
Smooth anomaly
Multiple humans
Alcoholic Beverages
Physical Violence content moderation
Bullying content moderation

Content Moderation Solutions FAQ

Find an easy answer to your questions about AI Content Moderation and how our platform works. 
  • What is AI Content Moderation?

    Automated and AI-powered moderation relies on algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze and filter content. This approach uses image recognition, natural language processing, and other automated content analysis techniques to identify and remove inappropriate content.

    To learn more about AI Content Moderation Click Here. 

  • What kind of harmful content can Checkstep detect?

    With our different scanning partners we can cover all types of harms such as Spams, Hate Speech, Child Sexual Abuse Material, Bullying and Harassement or Misinformation. 

    Do you have a specific class of harm you need to protect and want to make sure we cover it? Contact us to ask our Trust and Satety experts. 

  • What kind of content moderation scanning technology are integrated?

    We work with many scanning technology partners like OpenAI, AWS, Unitary or Sightengine. To get more specific information, contact us by clicking here.

  • Where is my data stored? How do I know my content is safe?

    Here are our commitments to make your data safe: 

    • EU-hosted storage and infrastructure
    • Client’s images are not stored in the server
    • Removal of content in the server as soon as content moderation is completed
    • Role-based access control
    • Customisable data retention and deletion frameworks
    • SOC2 certified
  • How fast can you scan my texts, audios, videos and images?

    Our latency ranges from milliseconds to minutes, depending on the type and size of content. The fastest is for small images and text, and the longest for long videos and audio.

  • Can you scan large volumes of data?

    We can handle very large volumes of data, we work with clients such as We Transfer that have lots of volumes uploaded per day. So far we’ve scanned more than 70 millions of data. Contact us here if you want to have a detailed proposition on how it could look with your dataset. 

  • Do I need my Tech Team or Engineers to be involved?

    You don’t need your engineers, tech team or any kind of coding skills. We implement our API within a day. 

  • How much does it cost?

    Now this depends on you. Ultimately, with our AI Marketplace model, we’ll find you the best scanning technologies based on the type of content on your platform and your budget. There are also many different ways to save money, such as say 25% of all content, or scanning users less who have been on your platform for a while and are considered safe.

    There are so many ways to reduce cost with little compromise on safety.

    Book a demo here to see our platform and get an initial estimation.  

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