AI Content Moderation. Protect your users from harmful content

Over 100 languages across text, images, videos, GIFs, Audio and live streams.

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Instantly remove harmful content

Identify harmful content across text, images, videos, GIFs, Audio and live streams. It works with over 100 languages and covers all standand categories such Hate speech, Sexual content, bullying and CSAM.

More sophisticated AI Content Moderation classifiers can also be created to suit your platform.

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Reduce the cost of human moderation

Reduce costs by maximising automation. Your team should only be moderating what matters. Efficient workflows significantly reduce average handling time. We help you reduce human costs by up to 90%.
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Stay the right side of regulation

Avoid fines and costly legal bills. Don’t be the first to be caught out by changes in Regulation.

Make your platform ready and compliant for international regulations such as the DSA, Online Services Bill, TERREG, NetzDG and more.
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"We are now winning the game of whac-a-mole with bad actors" 

Trust and Safety leader, Dating platform

How AI Content Moderation works

A complete, scaleable and automated AI content moderation solution to safeguard your users.

Set policies

AI Models generate a risk score of between 1-100 indicating how likely content is to be harmful. Your policies will determine what content is allowed on your plartform.


 Automatically remove unwanted content, and humanly moderate anything borderline. The thresholds you set determine the levels of automation.


A continuous adaptive feedback loop learns how you moderate and adjusts risk scores based on your decisions, leading to greater accuracy.

Try it out on your dataset for free

If you're curious to find out how effective the Checkstep scanning platform is, give it a try. You'll also get to see the moderation platform in action.
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You can now decide what content appears on your platform

Whether you are a marketplace, dating site, social network, you decide what content appears on your platform with AI Content Moderation. Everyone is different, that's why we give you the flexibility to decide.

Why AI Content Moderation and Checkstep?

Insanely accurate

Best of breed AI models means that you only moderate what matters. This also means that false positives are kept to a minimum, and your users are no longer exposed to harmful content.

Highly scaleable

The API returns almost instant results, and easily scales with your needs. Whether that be rapid changes in policy, or extreme growth.

Easy integration

Checkstep was built by developers for developers. Simple SDKs and detailed API documentation means minimal effort is needed to be up and running.

We are good at this!

We are obsessed with Trust & Safety. As well as an incredible product, you’ll get to speak to some incredibly talented people in this field.

All Media types

Video, Audio, Text and images can all be scanned with a single API across over 100 languages.

You Choose

You choose the level of automation v human moderation. You set the threshold and decide what content is allowed on your platform.

Prevent unwanted content from reaching your platform

Speak to one of our AI Content Moderation experts and learn about using AI to protect your platform
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