AI Text Moderation Services

Moderate all of your text content quickly and accurately

Precise detection of Bullying, hate speech, CSAM, misinformation, and other more subtle types of unsafe and toxic content.

Our Policies

Human exploitation

Track the complex systems that are using your platform to harm vulnerable people


Filter out spam in real-time.


Detect fraudulent activities to maintain integrity and ensure safety of users.

Nudity & Adult content

Remove nudity and sexual content that violate your policies.


Identify and filter out profanity in a variety of languages, including slang .


Quickly recognize signs of suicidality and take swift steps to prevent self-harm.

Terrorism/Violent extremism

Use Checkstep’s moderation AI to flag text used to promote and praise acts of terrorism and violence.


Detect harassment and abusive content in real time.

Child Safety

Identify online intimidation, threats, or abusive behavior or content in real time.


Use Checkstep’s moderation AI to combat disinformation and misinformation.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Detect PII such as phone number, bank details and address.

Hate speech

Address hate speech in over 100 languages, including slang.

Configure the AI text moderation models to fit the needs of your platform.

You can select from a list of standard models depending on your content policies. Custom models are also available.

Confidence scores based on policy priorities

Automatically ban content with high confidence scores, push edge cases through to human moderation, and relax knowing safe content is getting published on your platform

We help you detect harmful content across multiple model classes

Moderate slang, special characters, phonetic variations, l33tspeak, and all other altered text. Quickly remove hate speech, harassment, spam, profanity, bullying and much more. Our platform even picks up text in images.

Text strings

Up to 1,024 characters across seventeen supported languages.

Text in images (OCR Model)

Extract text in images, including memes, GIFs and screenshots.

Control Links and URLS

Protect your users from scams by automatically detecting and removing malicious links and URLs. Customize settings so that your communityis safe without forbidding all links and URLs.
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Protect personal information

Keep your users safe from sharing their private information. Easily detect email addresses, phone numbers, social security details, and much more - all while remaining GDPR-compliant.

Context is everything

Get the whole story by seeing the target of harmful messaging, the tone being used, and whether it really broke your rules. Our platform gives you all of the information you need to justify moderation actions.

The perfect blend of price and accuracy

You can select from a list of custom providers depending on your content policies. Custom models also available.
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