Stop AI stealing your BPO Content Moderation business

Checkstep is the world’s first moderation platform to combine Compliance As A Service, AI content review and a purpose-built moderation UI in one, seamless solution.

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AI is stealing your BPO business

It is now impossible to offer cost effective moderation services without some level of automation – either for simple triage or more advanced content review and automation.

Clients are demanding the most efficient and accurate moderation possible, especially when content volumes are high, video is being used and turnaround times have to be as fast as possible.

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Regulation is increasing operational risk

If you aren’t familiar with the increasing levels of regulation and can’t easily comply with growing list of policies across the globe, you can’t help your clients reduce their risk levels. We help you reduce human costs by up to 90%.
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Reviewing and implementing AI classifiers

There are now hundreds of AI classifiers, tools and platforms to help you moderate, but choosing which classifiers and tools is confusing, incredibly expensive and time consuming to procure.
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Why partner with Checkstep?

A technology partner that can bring your and your clients the best blend of accuracy and cost for AI content scanning.

Easy setup

The Checkstep platform combines AI, compliance, and a moderation UI in one easy-to-integrate solution. We can be up and running in days


You can use Checkstep to comply with regulation such as the Digital Services Act, out of the box. Assess content, upload policies, communicate decisions and report.


We have an AI marketplace to cover the most common T&S detection needs out-of-the-box. No need for you to hunt down and review myriad different technologies.

Making your Content Moderation business more profitable

We operate in partnership with your brand. As and when needed, we will also help you build pitches and present to your client.

If your clients only need the AI? No problem. Just the compliance tools – fine. Do they want to plug their own classifiers into the UI – great. We can white-label the platform for you and offer sales commissions on large projects. 

We'd love to discuss an partnership opportunities. Please get in touch!

"Our human moderators are now 5 times more effective"

Head of Operations, leading BPO outsourcing, UK