Become DSA compliant with a simple plugin

The Digital Services Act (DSA) compliance shouldn’t be a burden on your organization. Implement in just a few hours our all-in-one DSA compliance solution.

Transparency Reporting

Statement of Reasons

Notice & Action

Crisis Response


Risk Assessment

Protection of Minors

Appeal Workflow

Transparency reporting

Seamlessly maintain transparency while gaining valuable insights from your moderation data.

The yearly mandatory Transparency Reports require a precise recording of all moderation decisions you enforced during the year.

With Checkstep’s DSA tool, you can centrally manage all the relevant data and generate a Transparency report for your European users instantly.
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DSA Transparency report
DSA Statement of Reason

Statement of Reasons automatically generated

Fostering efficiency, trust and clarity on your content moderation policy.

Sending a Statement of Reason for every moderation enforcement while updating the EU database is time consuming.

Integrate your content policies with Checkstep DSA Compliance solution to instantly generate statements of reasons and automatically update the EU transparency database.
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Easy-to-use flagging tools

Empower your users in a compliant way.

Ensuring that user requests are responded to in a responsive, fair, and comprehensive manner is key to ensuring a seamless user experience.

With Checkstep's flagging API, immediately send any flagged content to your moderation platform and create a dedicated custom queue. All decisions will be fully documented and available in your DSA transparency reports.
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DSA flagging

"It took only 48 hours for our T&S infrastructure to be fully DSA Complaint"

Head of Compliance, Marketplace

DSA compliance with the Checkstep plug-in

Once connected, Checksep platform delivers all the features required under the DSA:

> User-facing requirements, such as right to appeal, and explanations about past decisions;

> Platform requirements, such as transparency reporting, auditing capabilities, and crisis response,

> Third-party connections, necessary to access to law enforcement agencies, dispute resolution services, and EU transparency database.
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DSA Implementation Checkstep
DSA pricing

Transparency even in the pricing

Our DSA solution has a fixed price starting at €950 including :

> setup fees,
> ongoing support,
> regular updates as legal requirements evolve and new laws are introduced in the UK, US and all over the world.
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The DSA explained  in 5 minutes

If you don't have time to watch our DSA webinar series, watch Alex from our Partnerships team giving a 5 minute run down of all you need to know.
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We're here to make regulation easy for you and your organisation

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The DSA and more

The Online Safety Act (UK)

The OSB is now the OSA! The UK has arguably the most stringent set of requirements. Stay on top of your obligations without worrying about costly changes and updates


Privacy and trust & safety can often conflict, as a safety by design and privacy by design obsessed company, Checkstep can confidently take care of competing requirements, saving you the headache!

e-Safety Industry Codes (Australia)

World leaders in online safety, Australia has some correlation with EU DSA but enough differences to leave you scratching your heads.

TERREG (Europe)

EU’s TERREG includes obligations for online platforms to prevent the dissemination of terrorist content online.

Code of Practice for Online Safety (Singapore)

Singapore’s Online Safety Act outlines measures for online service providers to prevent and combat harmful content.

Information Technology Rules 2021 (India)

India’s new IT Rules requires online platforms to remove harmful content within 36 hours of notification.