DSA Statements of Reasons Transparency report

A summary of the VLOPS who are now having to submit Statements of Reason to the DSA. Have a click around below with our interactive DSA report.

Interactive DSA Statements of Reason report

Article 17 of the Digital Services Act (DSA) obliges providers of hosting services to send clear and specific statements of reasons to any affected recipient when they remove or otherwise restrict availability of and access to information provided by the recipient. In other words, providers of hosting services need to inform their users of the content moderation decisions they take and explain the reasons behind those decisions..

The Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPS) have to submit this informtion. The DSA has a transparency report, however it’s not that easy to navigate, so we’ve created a way more user friendly report below. You can select items on the charts or tables, and use the filters to get to the data you need. For example, Google Shopping has nearly 50% of all SORs, and if you want to take those out of the report, click on ‘platform; and deselect Google Shopping. If there is anything else you’d like to see, drop us a line here.

X and Negative effects on civic discource and elections

X (FKA Twitter) removed only ONE post for Negative effects on civic discourse or elections between the 25th September and 21st November.

Why one post? Is there some proactive enforcement, none, was it miscategorised when it was filed? Some SoR queries raise more questions than answers!

TikTok - good or bad for child safety?

TikTok accounted for 81.69% of all Statement of Reasons issued for “protection of minors” between the 25th September and 18th November. Is TikTok very good at catching potential harms to children, or is it a hotbed of child safety issues?

16/11 Update: Scope or platform Service

The significant stand out category is 'Scope of Platform Service' as the reason for taking down content. We thought the whole point of a transparency report is that the data is transparent. What does this actually mean?

It may also be a reporting issue. When delving into TikTok, whilst content has been categorised as 'scope of platform', when looking at the specific content, it has actually been documented as 'Sexual content', and it appears that TikTok are merely reporting this incorrectly. The table to the right is a sample of 1000 SORs that fall under the general 'Scope of Platform Service' category.

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