Strengthen safety in Blockchain technology.

Numbers at a Glance

of users said they had experienced online harassment
increase of hate speech during the COVID pandemic
of consumers said they encountered fraudulent or suspicious actions on the Internet
1 in 0
of consumers said the risk of fraud made them less likely to try out newer technology

The Problem

Content moderation in the hands of the users.

While most blockchain networks look to fight censorship and preserve freedom of expression and freedom of speech, many soon discover that the utopia they had envisioned has now been taken over by extremist groups and other bad actors looking for a safe haven or an echo chamber.

Blockchain is great in so many ways, but it does bring into question content moderation at scale and (more specifically), who polices the system when the authority is no longer in the hands of a centralised power. 

Bullying and Harrassment

Detect harassment and abusive content in real time.

Child Safety

Identify online intimidation, threats, or abusive behavior or content in real time.


Use Checkstep’s moderation AI to combat disinformation and misinformation.

Graphic Violence

Identify and remove harmful images that promote violence in a timely manner.

Hate Speech

Address hate speech in over 100 languages, including slang.

Human Exploitation

Track the complex systems that are using your platform to harm vulnerable people.

Illegal Goods

Identify bad actors and harmful content that promotes illegal goods or services.


Detect fraudulent activities to maintain integrity and ensure safety of users.

Nudity & Adult Content

Remove nudity and sexual content that violate your policies.


Identify and filter out profanity in a variety of languages, including slang .

Suicide & Self-Harm

Quickly recognize signs of suicidality and take swift steps to prevent self-harm.

Violent Extremism

Detect and prevent extremist activity before it can lead to violence.

The Solution

Empowering users to do the right thing.

Checkstep helps a number of Blockchain platforms to facilitate moderation in a decentralised structure. Giving administrators, subject matter experts and general users the power to flag and deal with content concerns in real time.

There are a number of ways in which Checkstep’s tooling can be applied to Blockchain. Either via headless solution and plugins, or by providing individual administrators with access to our Moderation Interface to deal with community reports and flagged incidents.

What this means

Decentralised content moderation.


We provide modulised solutions to suit your business, so you can;

  • Install our API to your admin interface to help create a solution for server admins dealing with harassment, spam and other toxic behaviours. 
  • Avoid reputational crisis associating your brand with bad actors. 
  • Empower admins to create and implement their own standards, while remaining legally compliant. 
  • Allow operators to integrate with 3rd party software solutions (such as identifiers and spam filters) to improve user experience and safety.

Prevent unwanted content from reaching your platform

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