Keep your online communities safe.

Numbers at a Glance

of young users in the UK reported they had received harmful messages
of adults in the UK fear seeing harmful content such as racism, self-harm, and homophobia
of users in the UK would leave social platforms that fail to clamp down on harmful content
7 in 3
think social media companies should do more to protect people online

The Problem

Find the balance between freedom of expression and user safety.

Social media networks, by design, have been created to bring people from all around the world together in a social online space. The primary aim is to increase engagement and thus the revenue of these platforms.

Often the most engaged content is emotive, controversial and polarising. This means that your platform’s algorithms often end up contributing to the problem.

Bullying and Harrassment

Detect harassment and abusive content in real time.

Child Safety

Identify online intimidation, threats, or abusive behavior or content in real time.


Use Checkstep’s moderation AI to combat disinformation and misinformation.

Graphic Violence

Identify and remove harmful images that promote violence in a timely manner.

Hate Speech

Address hate speech in over 100 languages, including slang.

Human Exploitation

Track the complex systems that are using your platform to harm vulnerable people.

Illegal Goods

Identify bad actors and harmful content that promotes illegal goods or services.


Detect fraudulent activities to maintain integrity and ensure safety of users.

Nudity & Adult Content

Remove nudity and sexual content that violate your policies.


Identify and filter out profanity in a variety of languages, including slang .

Suicide & Self-Harm

Quickly recognize signs of suicidality and take swift steps to prevent self-harm.

Violent Extremism

Detect and prevent extremist activity before it can lead to violence.

The Solution

Manage UGC at scale.


Checkstep provides content moderation solutions for social networks across the globe. With the ability to moderate in over 100 languages, we ensure social networks remain safe and compliant through various Trust & Safety tools.

Using our Content Analysis API, alongside our intuitive Moderation Interface, you can scan and provide fast, consistent, cost-effective decisions on every piece of user generated content.

What this means

Human moderation, powered by AI.


We provide modulised solutions to suit your business, so you can;

  • Improve operational efficiency by streamlining T&S operations.
  • Save money and time by taking the pressure off your human moderation and in-house tech teams.
  • Ensure you are compliant and avoid a reputational crisis. 
  • Increase sign ups and reduce user attrition rates, by improving safety, removing harmful content and enhancing user experience.
  • Elevate your brand image by providing a safe and enjoyable social network for your users.

Prevent unwanted content from reaching your platform

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