Digital Services Act (DSA) The ultimate Toolkit

The DSA is now applicable to all platforms.
We've created a set of tools and content to make DSA Compliance easier for you.

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Guide & Templates

Everything you need to know about the DSA

Failure to comply to the DSA can result in heavy fines and possible disruption of operations. Compliance is made easy with Checkstep's Digital Services Act guide.

In Checkstep's DSA Guide you will find :

> A simple definition and a legal timeline,

> An understanding of the DSA key requirements,

> The risks you face in case of non compliance,

> A checklist to ensure compliance.
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DSA Toolkit : Guide
DSA Statements of Reasons Template

Get our Free Statement of Reasons Template

Statements of Reasons are mandatory statements you must issue after each content moderation decision. Creating your Statements of Reasons is made easy with Checkstep's Free Templates.

The Free Statement of Reasons Templates includes:

> Illegal content: detected by AI - automatically actioned,

> Illegal content: found through human review - automatically actioned,

> Terms & Conditions breaching content: Reported - human review action.

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Download our Free Transparency Report Template

Transparency reports are one of the main requirements of the DSA. All services are required to publish a report once a year at a minimum.

The Free Transparency Report Template includes :

> The number of moderation actions (including kinds of actions taken),

> The number of reported content and any resulting actions taken,

> The number of appeals to moderation decisions,

> Any action taken in response to appeals.

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DSA Templates Transparency Report

"It took only 48 hours for our T&S infrastructure to be fully DSA Compliant with Checkstep"

Head of Compliance, Marketplace

DSA Ressources 

The DSA in 20 seconds

We've rounded up the most common questions you've asked our regulatory experts and answered them in 20 seconds. Hit play and dive into our DSA playlist. 
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Find your answers in our Article Series

Do you have specific questions regarding the Digital Services Act (DSA)?

Discover the DSA series we've curated for you to make compliance easier.

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DSA Articles
Risk Assessments

Complete our Risks Assessments

Checkstep's Head of Policy, Kieron, has created 3 custom assessments to help you understand your risks and document your risk-reduction strategy:

> The DSA Readiness Assessment: to identify gaps and accelerate compliance,

> The Minor Risk Assessment: to identify risks specifically for minors and document mitigations,

> The Content Risk Assessment: to assess general content risks, including their mitigations and justifications. 

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Discover Checkstep's Transparency Hub

Article 17 of the Digital Services Act (DSA) requires hosting service providers to inform their users of their content moderation decisions.

Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPS) must provide this information. The DSA has a transparency report, but it's not that easy to navigate, so we've created a much more user-friendly report

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Transparency Hub

Dive deeper with our
DSA Webinar Series

DSA Masterclass

What is the Digtial Services Act, and why do we need it? This session offers an overview of what the DSA means for Intermediary, Hosting and Platform Services.

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Our Head of Policy, Kieron and Legal experts from Bird & Bird, Heather and Matthew answer all your questions and give you actionable steps to compliance.

DSA Deep Dive: Statement of Reason and Appeals

What does the DSA say about statement of reasons and internal complaints? When do they need to be produced and what should they contain?
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The DSA and more

The Online Safety Act (UK)

The OSB is now the OSA! The UK has arguably the most stringent set of requirements. Stay on top of your obligations without worrying about costly changes and updates


Privacy and trust & safety can often conflict, as a safety by design and privacy by design obsessed company, Checkstep can confidently take care of competing requirements, saving you the headache!

e-Safety Industry Codes (Australia)

World leaders in online safety, Australia has some correlation with EU DSA but enough differences to leave you scratching your heads.

TERREG (Europe)

EU’s TERREG includes obligations for online platforms to prevent the dissemination of terrorist content online.

Code of Practice for Online Safety (Singapore)

Singapore’s Online Safety Act outlines measures for online service providers to prevent and combat harmful content.

Information Technology Rules 2021 (India)

India’s new IT Rules requires online platforms to remove harmful content within 36 hours of notification.